Gossiping Tongues

Beauty care for the tongue:

I was recently reading book which was given to me as a gift. The name of this book is, Beauty care for the tongue.  It was written by Leroy koopman. It has sold over 150,000 copies and also received a 4 star rating out of 5.  Mr. Koopman has also written other Christian related books and has also Pastored churches in Illinois and Florida.

This interesting and thought provoking book, shows different ways we can use our tongue to uplift others rather than destroy them. Instead of chapters you begin with a Beauty Hint, which explains each tongue in detail. It  also contain Beauty Care Exercises which are suggestive ways to use our tongue positively. All chapter ends with Breath Fresheners, these are short bible verses pertaining to each topic discussed. It also contains a Leader’s Guide for a group study setting. In a sense, this book made me more aware of how pure and poisonous the tongue can be for such a small organ.

This is my opinion and not what the writer implied:

I have seen and heard how we use our tongues more poisonously than purely. I admit that I may be guilty at times but, have never gone to the extreme because I know that using my tongue in such a poisonous manner can destroy characters.

One of the interesting topics dealt with in this book was the issue of gossip.  We don’t mean to do it or we may not see it as gossip since we profess to be Christians, however Christians gossip just as much as anyone else. We sometimes gossip without realizing it.

This is where the poisonous tongue comes in effect. The convenient gossip. This is most damaging because it affects ones character.

A new guy comes to work at your firm, the moment he comes through the door, you turn to your colleague saying,  “ he spent time in prison.”  you however did not explain, this guy was wrongfully jailed and released when the truth was discovered. so everyone is watching this guy to see when he will strike.
You are out with a friend and see your neighbor leaving the doctor’s office, you go to say, “see that lady in the pink dress? she spent time in the psychiatric hospital. You however did not mention, it was hard to cope after losing her only child in a tragic accident. Everyone is now looking over their shoulders in case she comes to attack. We sensationalize because we like to keep gossip fresh and alive.

When the gossip is turned on us, we do not want our reputation tarnished so we are now the victims.  We tell everyone, I did nothing to him/her, or to my husband/wife. We never mention our drinking or gambling addiction or the domestic violence in our home. You don’t tell your gossip buddy about your son’s suspension from school for slapping the teacher or your daughter’s weekly visit to the probation department because she was caught with drugs at school.

Good gossip or pure gossip is very rare. How many time in your lifetime have you really seen two ugly babies? How many times do we share good gossip? Very seldom we are quick to tell others, “ did you know he received an award for returning the money he found?” or “ she is a good mother who works really hard for her children?  We tend to wait for a funeral to say these things.

I do not profess to be perfect. I plan however in future to be more conscious of my tongue. I thank God that he has given me the gift of speech. I have made a promise to myself that if I am about to say something negative, I will imagine myself as not having a tongue and be silent because a silent tongue is a peaceful tongue.


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