How did you begin writing?

I would say that, I was looking for a positive way to channel my anger or frustration. I did not want to be always known as a hot headed person. I always liked reading and writing stories at school and sometimes writing poems. One day when I was really upset with someone in my family, I decided, rather than being mad, I should just write my thoughts and feelings about the situation I was dealing with at the time.

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What is your favorite poem? and why?

My favorite poem is one which I wrote, September 1st 2012. The was written in response to negative comment made about me regarding a medical condition which I suffer. I know these remarks had to made by an adult for the children involved to hear. For me when ever I am upset or troubled I prefer to write positive things such as poems or prayers.The name of my poem is, Little Ears, and it reads like this. Little ears speak the words of small minded adults, I am flawlessly made in the image of God. You may see flaws, but God sees Beauty, what God sees, matters most.

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Who is the person most dear to me? Why do I hold this person in such high regard?

For me that person would be my Mother. Why do I hold her in such high regard? well, she is the the most constant person in my life and has always been there for me during the smooth and rough times. I remember twice in my life having surgical procedures done and waking up to find my mother sitting by my bed. I just knew she would always be there for me when my eyes were opened.

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